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Financial App Series (FAS) is created for educational and research purposes for students, reseachers, lecturers and professionals alike. It aims at providing general knowledge and valuation techniques for common interest rate, foreign exchange, equity and credit market products.

For beginners or those without the basic knowledge in financial markets, 'Training Materials' is a good start. It covers products from the basic building block such as a deposit before advancing to more advanced products such as bonds. While most text book cover product description in details, we look at the basic mathematics, and how these basic mathematics are applied in other products. Whats unique about our training materials is the provision of calculators throughout the materials that books or other web-based trainings have ever provided. For more information, please proceed to Training Materials and experience the difference.

We also provide calculators for various products, including those not covered in the training materials, with more detail informations. Our fixed rate bond pricer for instance provides the valuation, risk statistics, editable coupon structure as well as 2D and 3D chart as visualisation to behaviour of the various risk statistics from changes in yield and time to maturity. And yes, its FREE!!.

It is a community service brought to you by Financial App Series. Hopefully, this website is beneficial to finance students and the industry. InsyaAllah, given time, more content will be added. Any comments, enquiries, required contents and others (including bugs reporting or wrong information) are most welcome. Please email us at .

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