Training Material Book


This section contains description and explanation of various financial products available in the market. Although not comprehensive, they represent the building blocks of various other financial products

Our primary source is a book titled "Basic Financial Mathematics" by Rosli Mohd Sani. Currently, it is not publicly available and only limited printout copies of the book is available. Revision for a second edition of the book is on-going and will be announced via this website.

In the meantime, as part of an effort to revise the book, errors found in the original book are corrected prior to transferring its contents. Calculations are updated and best of all, calculators are provided within the 'web book' itself - clearly not possible with a traditional book.

Calculators provided serve two purposes:

  • to validate the number calculated in the relevant section, and
  • to allow readers to do their own calculations based on their assumption within the context of the relevant section
  • For more advance/ practical calculators, readers are encouraged to go to the 'Calculators' section.

    Contents of each chapter are described below:

  • Description
  • Features
  • The Mechanics
  • Applications
      -Structured Products
      -Asset Swap
  • Introduction
  • Description
  • Building Offshore Curve
  • Valuation
  • Applications
  • Pricing
  • Risk Measurements